Interactive Online Audio Book System (2007)


In 2007, I initiated a comprehensive project to develop an Interactive Online Audio Book System. This project involves scanning, narrating, editing, and presenting audio books through interactive interfaces.


  • Scanning and digitizing book systems using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology.
  • Managing the narration process and editing recordings using software like Adobe Soundbooth.
  • Creating interactive interfaces using tools like Adobe Captivate.
  • Ensuring the presentation of audio books on both CDs and web platforms.


  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Software
  • Narration Software (Adobe Soundbooth)
  • Interactive Presentation Tools (Adobe Captivate)
  • CD and Web Presentation Technologies


  • Digitization and editing of audio books in a compelling manner.
  • Creation of user-friendly interactive interfaces.
  • Effective presentation of audio books on both CD and web platforms.


  • Requirement for professional narration to obtain high-quality audio book recordings.
  • Detailed planning and design required to optimize the user experience of interactive interfaces.
  • Technical challenges in preparing CD and web presentations seamlessly.


  • Offering users extensive opportunities to explore and listen to audio books interactively.
  • Preservation and dissemination of cultural heritage through the digitization and editing of audio books.
  • Promotion of reading habits through the presentation of audio books on CD and web platforms.


The Interactive Online Audio Book System project reflects our dedication and innovative approach to presenting audio books interactively in the digital realm. Through technology, we aim to preserve and make cultural heritage accessible. Our efforts support the widespread availability of audio books and the development of reading habits among diverse audiences.