Data Center Relocation – 2015


In 2015, a significant project was undertaken to renew the technology infrastructure and relocate the data center of the university. This project involved detailed planning, including low-level design, high-level design, and IP design. The existing legacy network products were replaced with new Cisco solutions to enhance the university’s technological capabilities.

Key Components:

  • Network Infrastructure Renewal: Replacement of legacy network products with new Cisco solutions including Cisco Nexus, Cisco Catalyst, Cisco WLC, Cisco ISE, and Cisco Prime Infrastructure.
  • Server Systems Upgrade: Deployment of Fujitsu Siemens servers to enhance server capabilities and reliability.
  • Storage Solutions Integration: Utilization of NetApp storage units for efficient and reliable data storage.


  • Conducting low-level and high-level design assessments to determine the project scope and requirements.
  • Implementation of new Cisco networking solutions, including configuration and integration.
  • Deployment of Fujitsu Siemens servers and NetApp storage units to upgrade server and storage capabilities.
  • Ensuring seamless data center relocation and minimal disruption to university operations.


  • Successful renewal of the university’s technology infrastructure to meet modern standards and requirements.
  • Implementation of robust Cisco networking solutions for enhanced network performance and security.
  • Deployment of reliable server systems and storage solutions to support university operations.
  • Smooth relocation of the data center with minimal disruption to university services.

Technologies Used:

  • Cisco Networking Solutions (Nexus, Catalyst, WLC, ISE, Prime Infrastructure)
  • Fujitsu Siemens Servers
  • NetApp Storage Units


  • Ensuring compatibility and integration of new Cisco solutions with existing infrastructure.
  • Managing the complexities of data center relocation while minimizing downtime.
  • Addressing potential disruptions to university services during the transition phase.


  • Improved network performance, reliability, and security for university staff and students.
  • Enhanced data storage capabilities to accommodate the university’s growing data needs.
  • Modernized technology infrastructure to support innovative teaching, learning, and research activities.


The University Technology Infrastructure Renewal and Data Center Relocation project of 2015 marks a significant milestone in the university’s technological advancement. Through meticulous planning and deployment of advanced Cisco networking solutions, server systems, and storage units, the project has strengthened the university’s technological capabilities and prepared it for future growth and innovation. This project underscores the university’s commitment to providing cutting-edge technology resources to support its academic and administrative functions.